Technical specification



This Technical Specification applies to assembling of SMD and THD components onto printed circuit boards in ELO+, spol. s r. o. Company, hereinafter as “Manufacturer”, and specifies requirements for placing orders for production. Compliance with these rules and below-mentioned standards is necessary to achieve outputs of maximum quality.


When ordering a new product, it is required to provide the complete documentation in an electronic form.

The documentation shall contain:
1. A legible version of the assembling diagram with all directions identified for the directed components. Every diagram shall contain the product name, including version, identification of the side it shows (TOP/BOT) and marked PCB outline.
2. Summarized list of material including acceptable substitutions. See Appendix 2 for an example.
3. Complete bill of material containing all components including mechanical parts and printed circuit.
4. Data plot production in gerber format RS 274 X.
5. Data for automatic assembling machines.
6. Technical drawings for mechanical assembly, if required.
7. Description of technological specialties and requirements for production.
8. If identical names (including version) are not used for all documents, it is required to attach the documentation cover sheet.

Change Management

The above-mentioned documents are transformed by the Manufacturer into production documentation. Changes in the production documentation shall be made only in form of the change management procedure. In the change management procedure, the Customer shall submit the change protocol and all new documents the change affects. There are two types of change management:

- VARIANCE – documentation modification applicable only to the current production order

- CHANGE – a new production documentation is generated. The change creates a new version of the product. Original documentation is maintained. Customer shall distinguish in the order which version of the product is requested to be produced.

Data for Machine SMD Assembling

For machine assembling, it is required to submit the layout of placed components, the “assembling data”. These are text files containing the description of the components to be fitted and the position of their geometric center on the PCB.
The data is to be submitted in a separate file for every PCB side to be assembled.
The format of the submitted data shall be any text file with separators.
The file names shall correspond to the documentation including the side the data is designated for.
The maximum length of the file names (including version) is 19 digits.

The data shall contain the following:
1. Coordinates of guidance points used for PCB alignment in assembling equipment,
2. Component reference (R1,R2, C145, D56, …),
3. Value of components – unless the value and material tolerance is specified (such as 10K_1%, 100nF_20%_X7R, …), the Manufacturer shall use a component at his discretion,
4. Component package (C0805, R0402, SO16, SMA, …),
5. Coordinates of geometrical center in X and Y axes (not such as center of pin No. 1),
6. Rotation (turning of components),
7. Information about the units of the system of coordinates.
If the board contains components which are not to be assembled, it is required to replace the value in the assembling data with “not to be assembled”, or abbreviated, NA, etc.
It is also required the values are named identically. The interchange of capital and small letters is unacceptable, and it is not acceptable to use M1, 100N, 100nF, either.
It is important to distinguish the packages of resistors, condensers and coils by marking before the size (R1206, C1206).
THD components shall not be included in the files for SMD machine assembling!!!
The maximum length of the component value in the Value column is 19 digits.
No notes or other description than those stated can be transferred to the assembling machines.

Data for blade production

The parameters of the plot for screen printing significantly affect the product quality. For this reason, we prefer the procedure when the Customer supplies the data and we produce the blades at our expense. We prefer the data in RS-274-X format (Extended gerber).
- The blade shall comply with the recommendation concerning reduction and thickness of the basic material. The submitted data shall be reduced correctly (or extended) based on recommendation.
- Along with the data for the blades, it is required to submit the board contour layer and the upper and lower copper layers are recommended, as well.
- The blade needs to contain the prescribed fiducial marks for alignment of the blade and printed circuit.
- In case of a laser-cut blade, the correct direction (taper angle) is required.
In case of a blade supplied by the Customer, the blade needs to be identified with the Customer name and product name including the version it is designated for. Identification shall be made in an irremovable way, such as etching or engraving.
For bigger production batches, when the use of an automatic screen printing machine is assumed, the optimum dimension of the template plate is 295 x 480 x 0.13 mm, maximum size is 434 x 567 mm. The maximum width of the printing motif is 390 mm and the maximum length of the printing motif is 352 mm.
The maximum width of the printing motif for smaller production batches is 335 mm and the maximum length of the printing motif is 350 mm. The optimum dimension of the printing motif is 220 x 250 mm.
Non-standard dimensions can be agreed to with the technologist.
It is good to consult any and all dimensions used in printed circuit board panelling and blade designing with the employees of the Technological Preparation of Production Department.

Submitted material

Maximum acceptable dimensions of the printed circuit boards are as follows: for manual screen printing, UNIPRINT 340 x 410 mm, while not exceeding the maximum dimension of the printing motif.
Maximum dimensions of the printed circuit boards are as follows: for in line screen printing MOTOPRINT AVL 400 x 352 mm, while not exceeding the maximum dimension of the printing motif.
Dimensions of boards in the automatic fitting machines range from 50 x 50 mm to 460 x 440 x 4 mm.
Maximum width of boards for the reflow operation is 460 mm.
Maximum dimensions of boards in the soldering wave are 400 x 480 mm, max. height of soldered component-lead is 3.5 mm.
Max.dimensions of boards in the Mirtec automatic optical inspection system are 450 x 400 mm.
The supplied printed circuit boards must have the parallelism of edges ensured with accuracy of 0.5 mm.
They shall not be twisted or otherwise deformed, be free of mechanical flash and loosened parts. The surface of the boards shall be flat, solderable and have surface treatment suitable for the given technology.
Minimum distance between the components and the PCB edge is 4 mm. Should this not be complied with, the technological environment shall be required.
PCB shall contain suitable guidance marks for the automatic mounting machine and screen printing even in the case of multipanel.

Customer-supplied components shall comply with the following rules:
- supplied in sufficient quantity taking into account technological losses,
- solderable, non-oxidized, undamaged,
- identified with a value,
- identified with the information whether they meet the RoHS requirements – if not, they will be regarded as not compliant with RoHS.
Packing of Components:
- components shall be packed properly with respect to their transportation, storage and subsequent unpacking and processing,
- components shall be packed in straps, bars or pallets (mind the direction),
- components packed in straps shall have a sufficiently long leader (component carrier at least 20 mm and protective foil at least 200 mm).
Should the component packing requirements not be met, the Manufacturer reserves the right to charge the Customers with the additional work associated with processing of these components.
Along with customer-supplied material, it is also required to submit the delivery note containing all information about the supplied material, including the job order it is designated for.very note containing any all information about the handed over material including the job order it is designated for.





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