Certification ISO 9001

ELO+, Company s.r.o. pays high attention to quality according to ISO 9001 standards. The first certificate was awarded in 2009 and it was successfully re-audited in 2019.


ISO certifikát 2019_EN.jpg  ISO certifikát 2019_CZ.jpg    

Certification ISO 14001

In 2019 ELO+, Company s.r.o. introduced the Environmental Management System ISO 14001.


ISO14001_2019_EN.jpg  ISO14001_2019_CZ.jpg    


Ekological and Conflict Minerals Politicies

ELO+, Company s.r.o. is clearly associated with companies that consistently insist on Environmental and Conflict Minerals (3TG's) policies.


Environmental Policy of the company.jpg      



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